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Diploma - for the introduction of new technical solutions

Diploma - for the introduction of new technical solutions

The Company "Global Insulator Group" has been awarded the diploma for the development, production (manufactured by JSC "Yuzhnouralsk Insulators and Fittings Plant") and the introduction of high-effective vibration dampers for overhead lines on the results of the exhibition "Electrical Networks of  Russia- 2016".

The delegation of "Global Insulator Group" has participated in the specialized power exhibition in Moscow - "Electric Networks of Russia" from 6 to 9 December.  New technical solutions that contribute to optimizing the process of building and repairing of power lines were presented to energy specialists. This year the exhibition was dedicated to the 50 - anniversary of the Energy Day.

This year "Global Insulator Group" has presented one of the latest developments - vibration dampers for overhead lines. It is intended to protect the wires from vibration in dangerous places at frequencies close to the natural frequencies of the damper. As the own frequencies fall within a frequency range of fluctuation of wire, then on a natural modes wires resonance may occur that will increase the vibration amplitude, and this will directly affect the dynamic action on the top coils of the wire at the exit of the clamp, which can lead to the rupture of the wire.

On the stand, visitors were acquainted with two-winged composite string for the voltage range of 6-10 kV, glass insulator with silicone coating HTV, and hollow core insulators. "Global Insulator Group" also presented its latest development - five-arm spacer-dampers 5RGD to protect wires from vibration and sub-fluctuations for overhead lines of 750 kV. Novelty has a number of advantages, in particular – the reduction of the probability of the damage to the wires, the ability to bear  currents (up to 50 kA), aeolian vibration (up to 10⁸ cycles), subfluctuations  (before 10⁷ cycles), and others.

«The main idea of Global Insulator Group participation in the exhibition - to present solutions for increasing the reliability of operation of  insulation in conditions of different atmospheric pollution. The technical solutions of Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant, Lviv Insulator Company, Kazakh Insulators and Fittings Plant and GIG Polymer for various operating conditions were presented on the companies stand, - said the president of Global Insulator Group Denis Tasakov.


According to the results of the exhibition "Global Insulator Group" was awarded the diploma in the category "Electrical Equipment" for the development, production and the introduction of high-effective vibration dampers for overhead lines.