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Experts from STRI presented workshop for Global Insulator Group


Leading experts from STRI laboratory presented workshop on the last researches on application of insulators on power transmission line for technical and commercial specialists from Global Insulator Group and “YuAIZ” AO, which is part of GIG.   

A group of Global Insulator Group specialists from Yuzhnouralsk, Yekaterinburg, Tallinn, and Kiev met with professor Igor Gutman and his colleagues within 3 day workshop at “YuAIZ” AO (part of Global Insulator Group, production site) in the middle of May.

During the workshop such questions as detection principles in accordance with IEC standard, pollution level of composite and porcelain insulators AC and DC type, insulator performance under ice and snow.

STRI dwell upon “Comsol” software use for analog formation and calculation of technical and engineering missions.  

STRI specialists together with workshop participants studied individual cases experienced by Global Insulator Group.

“It was interesting … For example, application of insulators for contaminated areas is the main problem of network companies. Recently, together with the colleagues we’ve been studying such cases and relevant investigations on which basis “YuAIZ”AO produces glass insulators for such areas as steppe and sand, industrial, coastal with high level of salt deposits. This is not a first time experience but we’ve got some new knowledge. Sharing experience is useful. Gain knowledge may apply down the road”, - stressed Yaroslav Dmitriev, specialist from test and marketing department.

Guests and plant personnel made a technical tour across production site “YuAIZ” AO. They saw the process of glass part production on WALTEC line and further adjustment of insulators. After that they visited test center, which is graded as independent accredited laboratory. Each judged its technical facilities. Igor Gutman said it was an interesting acquaintance.

During the workshop participants got deep theoretical knowledge, real cases for protection of composite and porcelain insulators from contaminations depending on area, type and level of contamination and also how to use “Comsol”.

“All these will improve operational efficiency of our specialists”, - said Denis Tasakov, president of Global Insulator Group whose idea was to organize a workshop. 

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