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In Estonia, it was discussed the issues of improving the reliable operation of power lines

In Estonia, it was discussed the issues of improving the reliable operation of power lines

From 6 to 7 October 2016 Global Insulator Group held in Tallinn scientific-practical conference on the theme "Development of composite insulation. Today and Tomorrow ".  The world's leading experts in the field of insulation discussed the application of composite insulators GIG Polymer, which contribute to efficient and reliable operation of existing power lines.

Network companies are interested that with insulators on overhead power lines and switchgear systems, stations and substations will be no problems during the operation for 30 years or more.

On the conference technical specialists of Global Insulator Group presented new technical solutions that are effective in difficult climatic conditions and minimize outages on power lines. "In the production of composite insulators are used silicone materials of the latest generation which have high hydrophobicity and tracking resistance of the silicone rubber, which significantly improve power and operational characteristics of the product. Also, composite insulators are produced by using two technologies simultaneously: LSR (Liquid silicone rubber casting technology) and HTV (High temperature vulcanizated, injection molding of rubber with high-viscosity under  high pressure). Another advantage of composite insulators that in the production of two-component silicone rubber (LSR-technology) mixing and dosing devices have vacuum system (Bubble Free). This completely eliminates the possibility of getting air bubbles in the rubber ", - told the director of composite technologies" Global Insulator Group" Alexander Zlakazov.

The speakers told in detail about the experience of the application of composite insulation in Vietnam, China, Namibia, Venezuela, Brazil, Hungary, India, Russia and Norway.  The main issues associated with the problems of operation in difficult climatic conditions were also covered.  Considerable attention in reports was paid to the prospects of using of composite insulation. For example, in China, India, Vietnam, Hungary, Venezuela, the use of composite insulators is increasing every year.

"Composite insulators occupy 5% of the market 25 years ago. Today, this proportion is already 40%. I think that in the next 10 years, this trend will continue, and composite insulators will dominate in the market. This means that the plant in Tallinn has good prospects", - commented the editor of the International Journal on electricity INMR Marvin Zimmerman.

The guests came to the conference from many different countries - from Africa and Latin America to China.  Industry in China is growing very rapidly in the past 35 years. And the demand for electricity is also growing. China chose the ultra-high voltage and for them fast growing composite technology fits well. "Porcelain, glass and composite - these are three different types of insulators. Their production does not stand still. But the composite insulators are developing much faster than others. And most likely, the composite insulation takes the top niche of market ", - noted professor of the University of Tsinghua, China Liang Xidong.

The world's leading experts also presented the latest researching results related to the problems of the insulation of power lines. «Lots of researches are carried out in the field of insulation. First of all, it concerns the composite insulators. For example, the creation of an entirely new post insulators and other special insulation strings. My report is dedicated to this issue", - said Professor STRI Igor Gutman.

Within the work of the conference the participants visited a high-tech enterprise for the production of composite insulators GIG Polymer, where they got acquainted with the production and manufacturing of products, such as LS composite suspension insulators, composite line post insulators, composite hollow insulators, glass insulators with LSR and HTV coatings, insulating crossarms.

The participants noted the high practical importance of the conference and came to a conclusion that the composite insulators have prospects in the future, especially when operating in difficult climatic regions.



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